"So far this winter, not only have you remodeled our bathroom and replaced windows, but upon your discoveries, you have had our heat & garage door repaired, and have arranged for our phone line to be fixed. This all happened when we were playing in the snow and this has real value to us. Thank you for allowing us to sleep well knowing our beautiful Cape home is properly cared for. I can’t wait to see our new shower; betting it will be beautiful and perfect."

Jody and Garden, Clients for 7 years

"Thank you so much for sending your handyman to us yesterday. He is a treasure — worked all afternoon and completed most of the punch list. He is so neat and efficient."

Debby and Chuck, Clients for 13 years

"Everything is absolutely perfect, thank you very much. We couldn’t be happier: love the new window, door and paint colors. The yard and gardens look great. And, as always, it’s so nice to arrive to a very clean house."

Isabel, Client for 10 years

"Our electrician recommended Carefree Cape and we’re so glad he did. We are very happy with your service, the fair cost and the integrity of your staff."

Jack, Client for 2 years

"I would like to extend our thanks to you and your organization for giving us peace of mind. In the past, it has been difficult ensuring that our second home on the Cape is properly maintained. We’ve been so happy with your service. We especially like receiving the email evaluations and photos of the property. You have taken that worry out of second home ownership. Thanks for doing a valuable service and a great job."

Michael & Nancy, Clients for 3 years

Thanks, Carefree Cape! We never worry because we know you will take care of everything. You continue to impress us, from the constant updates you provided while we were building our home, to the care you give our home now. The email updates with photos are always great."

James & Cathy, Clients for 13 years

"Thank you once again for your loving care. Also the flowers are still lovely. It has been a privilege watching your business grow. Congratulations."

Reta & Dick, Clients for 10 years

"Per usual you are very organized. I was in a conversation recently with some friends about second home-ownership . They were going on about all the work involved. I nonchalantly said that I didn’t find it difficult; they were in complete disbelief. Then I realized the reason I find it so easy is that Carefree Cape has thoroughly spoiled me. You make it easy. I can’t thank you enough."

Debby & Chuck, Clients for 13 years

"Thanks so much I know I’ve said this in years past, but I want to clone your cleaners. I’ve never had any as good anywhere."

Jocie, Client for 5 years

"Thank you so much for sending your handyman to check on our gutters. He figured it out and returned immediately to install some baffles. We appreciate the way you attend to things right away. As always, you have such great people."

Fred & Jocie, Clients for 5 years