Chores & Activities


Carefree Cape staff is happy to help clients with day-to-day chores or activities. Once a homeowner becomes a Carefree Cape customer, any of these services are available to them with just an email or phone call:

  • Errands
  • Weekly grocery shopping
  • Help with entertaining
  • Rides to the airport
  • Meeting service providers
  • Receiving shipped items
  • Mailing an item that was forgotten
  • Countless other special requests
Carefree Cape Departure

When you must leave your Cape home unoccupied for weeks or months at a time, just go. Enjoy every minute you can and let Carefree Cape handle the dreaded tasks of closing the house. Thorough cleaning, strip beds and do laundry, put patio furniture away, replace screens with storms, empty the refrigerator and pantry, turn irrigation and outdoor water off, put gardens and lawn “to bed,” service the heating system, place driveway markers, clean gutters and anything else you may need, including off-season construction or organizing projects.

Carefree Cape Arrival

Time at the Cape is too short. Who wants to spend countless hours preparing your home after you arrive? Carefree Cape will have everything ready, so all you have to do is enjoy it. Thorough inspection of the home, water and irrigation turn on, repair or replace damaged screens, check and replace all light bulbs, coordinate any phone, cable service needs, service AC, provide a detailed spring cleaning, stock food and supplies, place and clean outdoor furniture, service and detail cars, bikes and golf carts, make up beds with fresh linens, set the temperature, ensure the lawn and gardens are in great shape and annuals planted. Carefree Cape can even have a delicious meal and fresh flowers upon arrival if desired.

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